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The history of today's Central Sports Centre - Olympic Preparation Centre dates back to the 1950s.

The first sports and recreational facility operating in Szczyrk was a funicular to Skrzyczne, which was built in the years 1954-1960 on the initiative of the Committee for Tourism - Tourist Ski Lift Enterprise. The first section of the cable railroad to Skrzyczne was commissioned on 26 January 1958, the total completion of construction took place on 31 December 1960.

In the years 1960-1966 ski-lifts were built (Junior Muller type) on "Doliny" in the Skrzyczne massif, ski-lifts to Zapalenica and Hondraski.

On 1 January 1970 the Sports Event Company (the continuator of PWT activities) was transformed into the Central Sports Centre of Tourism and Recreation, and in the area of Szczyrk its Silesian Branch was established. The Branch included:
- linear railroad to Skrzyczne,
- funicular to Czantoria,
- ski lifts on "Doliny", on Stokłosice, on Hondraski with ski slopes.

In October 1973, according to the decision of GKKFiT, COSTiW Śląski Branch in Szczyrk took over the following sports objects:
- ski jumps Skalite, Malinka and Bila,
- FIS ski slope in Szczyrk,
- cross-country trails in Kubalonka.

After taking over the sports facilities, the profile of the company changed, moving from sport and recreation activity towards qualified sport.

In 1976, another reorganization of the enterprise took place; line railroads, ski lifts and sports facilities in Szczyrk, Wisła, and Ustroń were under its administration. COSTiW was transformed into the Central Sports Center Beskidzki Division in Szczyrk. At that time, investment and modernization plans for owned facilities were developed, as well as an increase in activity in the field of organizing sports events service. The general sports department with section of electronic time measurement, radio broadcasting and video service was established.

The FIS ski slope on Skrzycze was modernized. On the cross-country trails of Kubalonka a biathlon shooting range was built and the local trails were modernized. In turn, on the ski-jumping hill Skalite in Szczyrk a new bridge over the Żylica river was built, the judges' tower and inrun tower were built, the hill itself was profiled.

On the plastic covered ski-jumping hill in Szczyrk Biala the covering was replaced, the judge's tower and inrun tower were built, and along the landing hill metal stairs were constructed.

In the 80s a new ski lift called Doliny III to the top of Skrzyczne was built. In place of the outdated single chairlift, a double chairlift was put into service.

A separate chapter in the development of the Beskidzki Division of COS in Szczyrk in the 80s is the creation of 4 buildings of junior type in the area of stages below the Skalite ski jump and the construction of sports dormitory Harnaś with facilities.

In the second half of the 1990s the construction of a sports complex in Szczyrk began in the vicinity of the existing facilities. A sports hall, indoor swimming pool and a building where biological regeneration and rehabilitation rooms, gyms for the competitors, fitness rooms and administration offices were located, were built. The entire complex was put into operation in 2002. Also in that year, the construction of a stadium with an athletic track began and was completed the following year. Tennis courts and a beach volleyball court were also built. Thanks to all these investments, on October 4, 2003 COS in Szczyrk, in accordance with the legal regulations in this area, was granted the status of Olympic Preparation Centre.

In the same month, on 28 October 2003, the foundation act for the construction of a ski jump in Wisła Malinka was signed by the Central Sports Centre in Warsaw. In September 2008 the jump was put into operation and named after Adam Malysz.

At the same time the construction of the three-hill complex of Skalite in Szczyrk was going on. Two hills of the complex K-95, K-70 were put into operation at the end of 2008, two years later there was also a smaller hill K-40.

Very important investments took place in the following years. Ski resort on Skrzycze with modernized trails and a modern railroad from Jaworzyna to the top of Skrzyczne is today one of the leading centers in the country.

In recent years, COS-OPO facilities in Szczyrk have been enriched with a sports dormitory with accommodation, a second full-size sports hall, professional gyms, beach volleyball and tennis courts. You can also use the spa and sauna.

Over the years the resort has become a place of numerous training camps for Polish and foreign national teams. OPO in Szczyrk is a place where you can meet many outstanding athletes, including world championship and Olympic Games medalists. It is here, using excellent sports facilities, that they systematically prepare for important sporting events.

Diversity, class of sports facilities and professional service make our center a place to organize sports, recreation and integration events also for companies, groups or associations. Our facilities also serve individual guests who wish to actively spend their free time here, improve their condition and take care of their health in a natural way.

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