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Skrzyczne Cableway



The Central Sports Center - Olympic Preparations Center in Szczyrk is one of the largest ski resorts in Poland. It has year-round chairlifts on two sections:

- modern, 4-person chairlift on Jaworzyna - Skrzyczne route, with the capacity of 2400 persons per hour, level difference of 295 meters and the length of 1170 meters,

- modern, 4-seater on the route from the bottom station in Szczyrk to Jaworzyna, with a capacity of 1200 people per hour, level difference of 406 meters and a length of 1592 meters.


Facilities belonging to OPO Szczyrk are also two ski lifts, which total capacity is 1500 people per hour:

- modern platter lift DOLINY II located on the clearing of the Valley east of the intermediate station of the cable car, length 540 meters, level difference 110 meters,

- T-bar lift DOLINY III running along the FIS route from Doliny to Skrzyczne, length 1152 meters, height difference 360 meters.

Ski trails of varying difficulty:


ONDRASZEK route - Skrzyczne-Jaworzyna

The easiest route from Skrzyczne, length 3200 m.


The WIDOKOWA route - Jaworzyna-Doliny - lower cable car station

Very easy route, a length of 2300 m.


The KASKADA route - Skrzyczne-Jaworzyna - lower cable car station

The route difficult, sometimes very difficult, length of 3100 m.


Route FIS - Skrzyczne-Doliny Dunacie - Szczyrk lower station

Difficult, it has a license of the International Ski Federation FIS to conduct any competition in alpine skiing, the length of 3200 m.


Skrzyczne is the highest peak of Beskidy, 1257 m above sea level. It rises in the northeastern part of the Beskid Śląski, in the side arm of the Barania Góra range. The distinctive silhouette of the peak makes it a recognizable place in Szczyrk, but also in the whole country, and special for several reasons.

Skrzyczne is primarily a true paradise for skiers, enjoying here the excellent conditions for winter sports. Skrzyczne slopes have more than 10 kilometers of various ski trails of the Central Sports Centre - Olympic Preparation Centre in Szczyrk, including the route with FIS homologation. The local black and red routes are equipped with a snowmaking system. Fully comfortable use of the ski attractions is guaranteed i.a. by a modern cable car, a 4-person chairlift with a capacity of 2400 people per hour, on the section Jaworzyna - Skrzyczne. Tourists and skiers can also use the railroad from the lower station to Jaworzyna.

Skrzyczne is available and interesting at any time of year. This place is visited by more than 200 thousand people in the summer, appreciating the tourist values of the area of the largest peak in Beskidy. It is here that many popular hiking trails converge. And many people traversing the mountain trails use the all-year-round mountain hostel located on Skrzycze.

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