Sunday, 21. April 2024

Sports Stadium

OPO Stadium in Szczyrk is located directly on the slopes of Skalite and Żylica river, which makes it one of the most beautifully situated stadiums in Poland.


The stadium serves the following functions:


Athletics with:

• running track (artificial surface - conipur M classic)

• jumping hills: distance, high jump, pole vault

• throwing machines: hammer, discus, ball


Playing fields for team games:

• soccer (professional artificial turf Italgreen FLO 52)

• Volleyball, basketball (artificial surface - conipur EPDM)

• tennis - artificial turf

We have professional sports equipment for all disciplines and electronic time measurement for cross-country competitions. The facility is also a favorite place for company Olympics. For this purpose we have equipment for many games and recreational activities. The stadium also has an auditorium with 500 seats.


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