Thursday, 23. May 2024

Ski jumping hills

Ski Jumping complex of Olympic Preparations Center in Szczyrk consists of three year-round ski jumps with dimensions:

  • normal hill - construction point K-95, hill size HS-106
  • middle hill - construction point K-70, hill size HS-77
  • small hill - construction point K-40, size of the hill HS-44

Next to the jumps there are judges towers and a start building for the athletes.

There is a two-seat chairlift for ski jumpers with a carrying capacity of 409 persons per hour and a height difference of 95 meters.

There are installations for freezing of the inrun, snow-making and spraying of the whole complex.

The stands can accommodate 1472 spectators.

The ski jumping hills are regularly used by the representatives of Polish jumpers, local clubs and the School of Sports Championships for Winter Sports. The facility is also a place of championship competitions - Polish Championships of women and men, or a cycle "LOTOS Cup" for young jumpers. Also memorial competitions take place here.


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